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Impact Loan has supported many individuals in the life-changing path of entrepreneurship. With the right funding and business supports, our entrepreneurs have been able to flourish, fueled by their own skills and passion.

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First Entries

First Entries is a local business that teaches leadership incorporated with sports like springboard diving. Bo, the founder, currently offers diving classes at Carling Heights and Thames Pool. Their mission is to make sports more inclusive and to help develop sport leaders in London.

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Carrie Computer Care

Whether you are dealing with a pesky problem on your home computer, or need your business and your technology working together, call Carrie. Don’t adapt to your technology, make it adapt to your needs.

Making your systems work for you and your business!

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Second Floor Painting

Second Floor Painting focuses on providing top-quality interior and exterior residential painting services. Owner, Mike Ghafari, is committed to providing these services in the most timely manner and ongoing quality control to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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Collective Ways

Our understanding of business innovation, niche markets, social media trends and steadfast competition goes unmatched. In this vast business pool we continue to deliver out of the box creativity, innovative strategies and a much needed personal connection, while we hold your vision in our hands, showing you the endless possibilities.

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Carmina de Young

Carmina de Young is a dressmaker and fashion designer. Carmina de Young collections are the balance between modern culture and bold, contemporary style. Each piece is designed to empower women to feel stylish and comfortable while having a taste of colour and flare which are predominant in every aspect of Carmina’s Mexican heritage.

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